Digital Displays

  • Digital Displays enable show managers to get the right information to the right audience at the right time. From a single tablet or computer, provide real-time schedules, improve navigation across the venue, and engage audiences with information such as news, weather, or emergency broadcasts. Placing kiosks, touch screens, and other digital displays throughout your event offers an opportunity to generate sponsorship revenue, increase engagement, and inform attendees.

Digital Product Showcase

  • Deliver a complete digital ecosystem for your event. Each dynamic display is carefully designed to create exposure, build engagement, capture leads, and—the most important of all—drive revenue and generate measurable event ROI. Exhibitors and sponsors can feature products, services, and technologies on touchscreen displays, interactive kiosks (either dual-screened or variable-sized video walls), or ReCharge, Fab Production’s interactive charging table. When users enter their badge ID to view product information, all behavior is tracked and stored. Analytics are provided on the most-visited product categories, product views, and other attendee interaction,


  • Replace the time and space-consuming traditional poster presentations. With digital ePosters there’s no need to print and transport them to the venue. Delegates can see all posters on state of the art digital interactive touch screens or self-guided interactive kiosk stations at any time.

Interactive Technologies

  • Interactive kiosks and walls capture attendees' attention and offer you more opportunities to engage them. From dual-screen kiosks to variable-sized video walls, displays come in various sizes and configurations. Greet attendees with a large-scale wall of user-generated content that’s constantly changing. Place kiosks or iPad stands at key areas throughout your venue where attendees can access event info, explore interactive experiences, take surveys, or share their information so you can stay in touch post event.

Social Media Walls

  • Extend your online brand to your live event with a dynamic, engaging social media wall. Pull messages from Twitter,Instagram, and other online channels to create a visual feed that showcases your ongoing attendee engagement in real time. Amplify your audience’s voice and encourage attendees to join the conversation as your event unfolds. Social Media Walls put the spotlight on engagement and bring a new dimension to live experiences with a high-tech yet personal touch.


  • A lost attendee is an unhappy one. Help your audience find exactly where they need to go so they can quickly get to can't-miss sessions or find relevant content. The interactive display provides instant access to searchable exhibitor databases, interactive venue floor plans, personalized maps, and more. When last- minute changes to the show floor or schedule arise, it's easy to make instant updates to provide attendees up-to-date information. Kiosks can also showcase sponsors, host video, and display social media tickers.

Mobile event apps

  • Looking to maximise the live experience? Enter the EventsApp™. By blending digital with physical experiences, we encourage delegates to interact with your brand before, during and after the actual event. We make our events paper-free wherever possible, reducing environmental waste and saving you money.