Be is a local event or a series of National event, from identifying and negotiating an event location to reaching your target audience, we shall undertake Creating Maximum reach and mass visibility is vital exercise for all the services. Organising an event is a challenging task with many critical decisions. Venue being a major one. Choosing a venue is the one BIG decision, which will have the largest impact on your event. So, what to look for while selecting a venue? budget, event type and your size of guest list will define the venue type you should search for. While in many situations, dates for your event is dependent on the venue you select. Thus it is advisable to have multiple choices for your event dates. Prior booking and having ample time to design and execute the campaign strategy will lead to a successful show.

We shall assist you fetching the best of venues and open air spaces that fits your budget and your event type:

  • Hall, Conference Rooms, Banquets, Hotels, Destination Venue, Bungalows and Beach Houses, Farm Houses & Villas, Resorts & Shacks, Camps. We are a cost-conscious event organizer and thus would suggest you to lower down the cost of venue, while allowing more budget space for food / drinks / other beverages and in entertaining your guests.

Event Permissions & Security Crew

  • Organizing an outdoor event requires a lot of permission with regards to copyrights and society laws. Managing the crowd and providing safety to your visitors, guest list as well as staff is always a prime focus for any organizer. We provide good quality bouncers and security staff to handle your audience at all times from arrival until departure.

We assist you in getting

  • Police Permission
  • PPL
  • IPRS
  • Taxation